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Your family is growing!

Now is the best time to begin planning...

Congratulations on your pregnancy. You must be thinking and planning so many upcoming events. Between doctors/midwife visits, baby showers/blessingways, and all the fatigue that sometimes comes along with pregnancy, we are here to help.

You might be wondering if you need to take a childbirth class?

What are your birth options...unmedicated? medicated? cesarean? which do you choose? Do you have a choice? So many questions, give us a call; we are here to help you choose the path that works best for you and your family. 

You might be wondering what is a DOULA? Do you need one? can you have a doula at the hospital? What is the benefit of having a doula? ...the cost? Contact us, we would love to help you understand all about Doula's and our role in your birth. 

You might be wondering WHERE is a good place to give birth? Home? Hospital? Birth Center? Every family will choose something that works best for them and their needs. Contact us and we can help you understand each option and see what is the best fit for you and your baby. 

For all your perinatal questions or concerns, from pregnancy, birth and postpartum we are here to support you. To make your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum the best experience for you and your family.